Miscarriage, Mothers & Others

Providing information about miscarriage to mothers and others who grieve the loss of an unborn child.”

A Baby Is A Person - No Matter How Small


Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies on the death of your miscarried baby.  We are here to provide information about the burial process for the respectful burial of an unborn baby’s fetal remains when less than twenty (20) weeks gestation.

Specifically, we are here to help Indiana parents understand the purpose of a bereavement bill, known as Indiana House Bill 1190 – Treatment of Miscarried Remains, which went into effect on October 1, 2014.  This law requires that a hospital, medical facility, or birthing center, is to inform  all parent(s), regardless of the gestational age of the unborn baby at the time of death, about their right to choose the final disposition of their baby’s fetal remains.  When available parent(s) are also to be provided information about grief counseling.

Miscarriage, Mothers and Others, a faith-based, ecumenical,  and outreach ministry is also dedicated to providing information and resources to any parent in need of information on how to provide a respectful burial for the final disposition of their unborn baby’s fetal remains.

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